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Characteristics and Effecting Factors of the Tidal Level in Pearl River Estuary Under Changing Environment

Author(s): Haiying Hu; Huamao Huang; Guoru Huang; Hao Xie

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Keywords: Nnual mean high tidal level; Annual mean low tidal level; Tidal range; Characteristics of the tidal level; Pearl River Estuary

Abstract: This paper focuses on identifying changes of the tidal level in the Pearl River estuary, China. Linear regression analysis and Mann-Kendall rank correlation test methods are employed to the existence of trends in the time series (from the 1950s to 2000s) of the annual average high tidal level, the annual average low tidal level and the annual average tidal range at Nansha, Sanshakou and Wanqingshaxi stations. Moreover, the main influencing factors are analyzed. The research results show that there is an increasing trend in the annual average high tidal level and annual average low tidal level at the three stations, and the trends of the annual average low tidal level are significant. The annual average tidal range at the stations shows irregular cycle fluctuations, but the overall downward trend. Variations of the tidal level characteristics in the Pearl River estuary are affected by the combined effects of sand excavation, land reclamation, freshwater flow and sea-level rise.


Year: 2013

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