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Further Research on the Tidal Wave System in the Southern Yellow Sea

Author(s): Min Su; Zhengbing Wang; Changkuan Zhang; Peng Yao; M. J. F. Stive

Linked Author(s): Marcel Stive, Changkuan Zhang, Zheng Bing Wang

Keywords: Southern Yellow Sea; Jiangsu coast; Rotating tidal wave system; Tidal current; Delft3D

Abstract: A two-dimensional tidal wave model for the Chinese marginal seas with high resolution is set up and the verification results demonstrate that it can well simulate the large domain. Based on this model, a series of numerical experiments are constructed to analyze the influence of local bathymetry and reclamation of the Jiangsu coast on the tidal wave system. According to the simulation results, the existence of the radial tidal current pattern have not been obviously influenced by the local bathymetry except the magnitude of the current velocity. However, it effects the tidal wave near the Jiangsu coast considerably. The reclamation affects the radial current field slightly, whereas the tidal wave near the southern Jiangsu coast is impacted significantly. Besides, further experiments by adding thin dam in the Southern Yellow Sea are studied and discussed. The results illustrate the existence of the tidal wave from the Northern Yellow Sea, which is important for the formation of the rotating tidal wave system in the Southern Yellow Sea.


Year: 2013

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