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The Framework and Regulation Mechanisms of Urban Water Cycle

Author(s): Weiwei Shao; Mingna Wang; Guoting Geng; Aihua Long

Linked Author(s): Mingna Wang

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Abstract: Urban water cycle system is a dynamic system based on city water resources, which is closely related to society, economics and politics. Urban water cycle is a process varying spatially and temporally, aimed at exploitation, utilization and protection of water resources. The framework of the urban water cycle system in China was introduced in this study. The major factors that influence urban water cycle system evolution were also analyzed. The social potential energy was considered as the intrinsic drive of urban water cycle, which differs from the natural water cycle in which the natural energy (as gravitational potential energy) is the primary drive. Based on the analysis and comparisons of urban water cycle evolution rules for major cities in USA and China, the regulation mechanisms of urban water cycle system suitable for China was proposed. They include industrial regulation, water conservation and pollution control, and water rights and water price reform. The city of Beijing was taken as a case study focused on the urban water reuse, and the regulation mechanism of urban water cycle was analyzed.


Year: 2013

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