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Flash Flood Risk Analysis at Matoupu Town

Author(s): Changzhi Li; Fan Wang; Jinchi Huang; Xiaoyan He

Linked Author(s): Changzhi Li, Fan Wang, Xiaoyan He

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Abstract: Matoupu Town, an important residential area in the lower reach of the South Censhui River, is severely threatened by flash floods. The watershed of the South Censhui River locates in the mountainous area of northwest Hunan province where has been frequented by flash floods. The analysis on flash flood risk at the town was performed by hazard level of flash flood and vulnerability level of exposures. First of all, the hazard information of the town was obtained at the entire South Censhui River watershed level using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS. For more precision, both hydrological and hydraulic methods were used to the hazard level analysis in this study for hazard information on flooding area, water surface profile, water depth, flow velocity, and flood process. The hazard level was mainly determined by flooding areas of flash floods with various return periods. Secondly, the vulnerability level was determined by the types of land use within the town. Thirdly, Hazard Vulnerability Block method (HVB) was used for flash flood risk level classification; both hazard and vulnerability were classified into three levels of low, medium and high. Finally, the analytical results indicated that it is very important to make flash flood risk assessment for flash flood management in Matoupu Town in the fields of land use planning, early warning system construction, emergency management and risk awareness.


Year: 2013

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