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Computations of Turbulent Flow and Transport in Vegetated Open-Channel Using Reynolds Stress Model

Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

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Abstract: This paper presents Reynolds stress modeling of turbulent flows and solute transports in the vegetated open-channel. For turbulent flow computations, Mellor and Herring’s model, Speziale et al. ’s model, and Rotta’s model are used for the turbulent diffusion term, the pressure-strain correlation term, and the dissipation rate term, respectively. The model is applied to simulate the vertical structure of the channel flow with submerged vegetation, compound channel flow with floodplain vegetation, and partly-vegetated rectangular channel flow. For computations of solute transport, the algebraic scalar flux model proposed by Daly and Harlow is used. Solute transport in the channel flow with submerged vegetation is simulated numerically, and mixing under such flow condition is compared with that in the rough-bed channel flow.


Year: 2013

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