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Turbulence Modeling of Solute Transport in Open-Channel Flows

Author(s): Hyeongsik Kang; Sung-Uk Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

Keywords: Solute transport; Secondary currents; Turbulent flow; Turbulent Schmidt number; Reynolds stress model; Generalized gradient diffusion hypothesis

Abstract: Prediction of solute transport in a stream is important in many engineering applications. Solute transport in turbulent open-channel flows is affected by the mean flow and turbulence structure. Therefore, in order to predict the solute transport in such flows accurately, a reliable simulation model for the flow should be employed. In the present study, for flow, the RANS equations are solved with the Reynolds stress model. This model has been applied successfully to various open-channel flows. For solute transport, the Reynolds-averaged convection/diffusion equation is solved with the generalized gradient diffusion hypothesis. The developed model is applied to solute transport in a rectangular channel flow and in a compound channel flow. The mean velocity, pattern of secondary currents, and distribution of mean concentration and mean scalar flux are provided and compared with measured data in the literature. This demonstrates the model’s capability of predicting the solute transport in turbulent open-channel flows. The impact of secondary currents on solute transport and range of turbulent Schmidt numbers are also investigated.


Year: 2007

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