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The Rainfall Distribution of Atomized Flow in Large Dams

Author(s): Shuangke Sun; Haitao Liu; Zhiping Liu

Linked Author(s): Shuangke Sun, Zhiping Liu

Keywords: Tomization; Prototype observation; Influencing range; Rainfall distribution; Large dam

Abstract: Nowadays, with the dam height of hydropower project getting into 300m level and above, the atomization induced by the discharging flow has aroused more and more attention. Especially, the influence region of atomization and the rainfall distribution need to be determined quantitatively for the practical use, but the phenomena of atomized flow and its mechanism are so complex that the former study can’t provide the credible results. In this paper, with the use of field data from prototype observation, the influence of hydraulic factors on the atomization phenomenon, the influence range of atomization and the rainfall distribution are studied quantitatively. The results show that the determinative factors on atomization are the flood discharge, the incident velocity, and the incident angle into the cushion pool. The experimental formulas given in this paper can be used to estimate the influence range of atomization and the rainfall distribution.


Year: 2005

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