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Advances in 3D Modeling of Free-Forming Meander Formation from Initially Straight Alluvial Channels

Author(s): Nils Ruther; Nils R. B. Olsen

Linked Author(s): Nils Reidar B. Olsen, Nils Rüther

Keywords: Numerical modeling; Computational fluid dynamics; Meandering rivers; Sediment transport; Alternation; Bank erosion; Geomorphology

Abstract: The present paper describes the current state of art when using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for predicting free forming migration of meander bends. On the basis of the simulation of water and sediment flow in an alluvial channel, different algorithms and parameters are investigated. The simulation was started from an initially straight grid, with neither sediment feed nor any perturbation at the inflow boundary. The model computed the river bed evolution over a real time period of three days. The results were compared to a physical model study and showed that the three dimensional modeling of free forming meander is one step closer of having a universal predictor for alluvial channel migration. However, there are uncertainties that have to be clarified in future investigations.


Year: 2005

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