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Dynamic Assessment of Water Resources in the Yellow River Basin Using GIS/Rs and WEP-L Model

Author(s): Jia Y.; H. Wang; J. Wang; D. Qin; X. Luo; Z. Zhou D. Yan

Linked Author(s): Yangwen Jia, Xingqi Luo, Huiwen Wang, Jian Wang

Keywords: WEP-L model; Distributed hydrological model; GIS; RS; Water resources assessment; Yellow River; Land cover change; Water use

Abstract: The main purpose is to study evolutionary laws of water resources in the Yellow River Basin under the impact of human activities using GIS/RS and WEP-L MODEL. Firstly, basin subdivision, land cover classification and spatial interpolations of water uses in the basin were carried out using DEM, RS data and GIS. The basin was subdivided into 8485 sub-watersheds and 38720 contour bands, land cover and vegetation information of five periods were obtained using Landsat TM data and AVHRR data, and water uses were interpolated into every 1km grid cell. Secondly, a distributed hydrological model (WEP-L model) was developed with “natural-artificial” dualistic water cycle system modeled in a coupling way, and the model was verified by comparing simulated and observed discharges at main gage stations. Lastly, continuous simulations of 45 year (1956-2000) in variable time steps (1h-1d) were performed for various land cover conditions, water resources assessment results under present land covers were compared with those under historical land covers. The two main findings are: (1) the surface water resources reduced but the ground water resources (unrepeatable with the surface water resources) increased under the impact of human activities; (2) the special water resources reduced but the general water resources increased accompanied with increase of the effective utilization of precipitation.


Year: 2005

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