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One Method to Include Levee Breaching in Flood Risk Assessment

Author(s): Andre Paquier

Linked Author(s): André Paquier

Keywords: Floods; Breach; Risk assessment; Numerical models

Abstract: During extreme flood events, breaching of the levees can occur. Thus, for flood risk assessment, it is necessary to study scenarios in which such a breaching occurs. The analysis of a lot of possible scenarios in which the parameters related to the flow hydrograph and to the location, time and shape of the breach vary independently requires a frame and a tool for simplified calculations. One specific software CastorDigue tries to meet these requirements. For complex flow pattern and particularly when urban areas are concerned, longer calculations solving two-dimensional shallow water equations coupled with breach model are necessary. Finally, it is concluded that a complete flood risk assessment integrating eventual breaches requires an approach with several modelling steps of increasing complexity.


Year: 2005

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