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Numerical Simulation of a Dam-Break Wave Propagating over an Erodible Floodplain in Presence of a Structure

Author(s): Cristiana Di Cristo; Massimo Greco; Michele Iervolino; Andrea Vacca

Linked Author(s): Michele Iervolino, Massimo Greco, Cristiana Di Cristo

Keywords: Dam-break; Geomorphic transients; Impact force; Numerical modelling; Two-phase shallow-water model

Abstract: Climate change is exposing more and more frequently flood prone areas to potential casualties and damages. The capability of the flow to carry relevant quantities of sediments interacts with the presence of obstacles in flood-inundated areas and contributes to the increase the related hazard, constituting a relevant concern in the framework of risk analysis. Unfortunately, existing literature on this topic is rather scarce, especially for the features of sediment transport and the forces acting on rigid obstacles. In the paper, a recent two-phase shallow-water morphodynamical model, particularly suited to the analysis of fast geomorphic transients, is applied to the numerical simulation of the propagation of a dam-break wave over an erodible floodplain in presence of a rigid obstacle. The geometry of the test-case is inspired to a recent fixed-bed study reported in the literature, for which extensive experimental and numerical data concerning the flow field and the dynamic loading against the obstacle are available. Results of the numerical simulations contribute to highlight the effect of the obstacle on the changes in the bottom topography, along with the subsequent change on the loading condition on it.


Year: 2018

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