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Experimental analysis of the water consumption effect on the dynamic behaviour of a real pipe network

Author(s): Bruno Brunone; Stefano Alvisi; Silvia Meniconi; Valentina Marsili; Marco Franchini

Linked Author(s): Silvia Meniconi, Bruno Brunone

Keywords: Experimental analysis; Field measurement; Hydraulic transient; Unsteady flow; Water consumption; Water distribution network

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the monitoring and analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the Gorino Ferrarese (Ferrara, Italy) water distribution system. The network is subjected to ordinary operational conditions, (i.e. no manoeuvres on pumps or valves are considered), the aim being to show that user demand may generate frequent and not negligible pressure variations. Pressure and discharge were monitored for two days in different sections of the network. The dynamic behaviour of the system is then characterized by analysing the pressure changes at the measurement sections in the time and frequency domains. Such analyses highlight that pressure signals are characterized by long-term changes (low-frequency) on which shorter period (high-frequency) ones overlap. Long-term oscillations show a similar trend at all measurement sections and are characterized by certain dominant frequencies, linked to the topological and mechanical characteristics of the network. Instead, high-frequency pressure fluctuations related to user activity vary in amplitude both spatially and temporally.


Year: 2021

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