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Physical Habitat Simulation for Macroinvertebrate Community Based on Habitat Orientation Groups

Author(s): Seung Ki Kim; Sung-Uk Choi

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi

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Abstract: This study presented Physical Habitat Simulation (PHS) for macroinvertebrate community based on Habitat Orientation Group (HOG). Such HOGs as swimmers, clingers, sprawlers, and burrowers were considered. The Habitat Suitability Curves (HSCs) for HOGs were constructed using the monitoring data from the Han-gang River basin. Using these HSCs, PHS was carried out in the study site where a weir was removed. The study area is a 0.6 km long reach of the Gongneung-cheon Stream in Korea. The Gongneung Weir-2, located in the middle of the study area, was removed completely on April 4,2006. The hydraulic simulation was carried out using the River2D model. Based on the hydraulic simulation, the distributions of Composite Suitability Index (CSI) were obtained for the four HOGs. The changes of habitat quality for the target HOGs were evaluated using the monitoring data and normalized Weighted Usable Area (WUA). Simulation results indicated that habitat qualities for the swimmers, clingers, and sprawlers were improved, but degraded for the burrowers after the weir removal.


Year: 2018

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