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Mass and Momentum Transfer Between Interacting Cylinder Wakes via Velocity Statistics

Author(s): J. Leonardo Corredor-Garcia; Virginia Stovin; Ian Guymer

Linked Author(s): Virginia Stovin, Ian Guymer

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Abstract: This research presents the results of an experimental study of velocity statistics along the wakes of 2 cylinders in a sparse array, to simulate the stem-scale processes of vegetated flows, and their impact on mass and momentum transfer. The experimental plan was devised to revise the physical assumptions, regarding vegetated flow fields, that underpin current models for vegetated dispersion. Single- and multi-point velocity statistics were measured to study the turbulence structure of the flow and explore the existence and physics of coherent structures, which were found to be the features governing early-stage dispersion. The results of this study show that assumptions of linearity used to model the effects of obstructions on flow fields should be revised. Further, effects such as dissipation, shear and vorticity diffusion should be considered when using empirical assumptions to use Lagrangian-based theories of diffusion from Eulerian results.


Year: 2022

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