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Quantifying the Spatial Variation in on-/Off-Shore Mixing in the Surf Zone

Author(s): Inez Plugge Porter; Ian Guymer

Linked Author(s): Ian Guymer

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Abstract: Solute mixing in the nearshore or surf zone is the result of several combined processes, from fundamental turbulence, through wave hydrodynamics and boundary effects, to the high energy dissipation impact of breaking waves. These processes occur across different spatial and temporal scales and vary spatially. This presents preliminary results from an on-going study to quantify the spatial variation of the on-/offshore depth averaged mixing coefficient. The programme of work evaluates mixing coefficients by comparing predictions from different numerical models to previously recorded laboratory tracer data. The data consists of multiple constant injections of tracer for orthogonal waves for a range of wave periods and wave heights.


Year: 2022

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