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Laboratory Simulation of Transients in Looped Water Distribution Network

Author(s): Silvia Meniconi; Filomena Maietta; Caterina Capponi; Stefano Alvisi; Valentina Marsili; Marco Franchini; Bruno Brunone

Linked Author(s): Bruno Brunone, Silvia Meniconi

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Abstract: This paper analyses some tests carried out in a looped water distribution network (WDN) at the Water Engineering Laboratory of the University of Perugia. Specifically, the aim of such tests is to evaluate the effect of transients generated by a water consumption change, i. e., a complete and fast closure of a valve simulating an end-user maneuver. This end-user was located at the downstream end section of a service line placed in three different sections of the WDN. The tests allow examining the effect of the network topology and the location of the transient generation point.


Year: 2022

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