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Reservoir Capacity-Potential Power Generation-Reliability Estimation Based on Gould-Dincer Approach

Author(s): Jinming Xie; George W. Annandale; Baosheng Wu

Linked Author(s): George Annandale

Keywords: Potential Hydroelectric Power Generation; Reservoir Capacity; Reliability; Gould–Dincer Approach

Abstract: This paper proposes a method based on the Gould-Dincer approach, which, for planning purposes, relates potential hydroelectric power generation, reservoir capacity, annual water inflow series characteristics and reliability of power supply. The method is intended for use in assessing storage hydroelectric power projects but does not cover run-of-river hydroelectric power generation. For a specified reliability, the paper demonstrates that annual average potential energy generation increases with increasing mean annual discharge and storage capacity, and that it decreases with increasing coefficient of variation of annual stream flow.


Year: 2011

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