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Development of a Canal Model System with Automatic Control

Author(s): Chen Wenxue; Guo Xiaocheng; Cui Wei; Wu Yihong; Xu Jianqiang

Linked Author(s): Wenxue Chen

Keywords: Physical model; Canal automation; SCADA; PI controller

Abstract: A model canal is described in this paper, which is about 300m long and is divided into 5 canal pools with different length by 5 sluice gates driven by AC servo motors. There are 5 offtakes along the canal system, and their flowrates are measured by means of turbo flowmeters. For measuring water level, 15 water level sensors are installed along the canal. And 5 PLCs for driving the 5 sluice gates are connected with a computer through a modem by means of Ethernet cables. The SCADA system is developed by means of LabView. The canal is operated under constant downstream water depth, and it is controlled by a PI controller which consists of a feedforward control loop, a feedback control loop and a decoupler. The control algorithm is tested on this canal model and the control parameters are tuned on line.


Year: 2011

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