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An Improved Upwind Finite Volume Scheme for Large-Scale Shallow Flows

Author(s): A. M. Mohammadian; A. V. Mohammadian; B. A. Mohammadnezhad

Linked Author(s): Majid Mohammadian

Keywords: Shallow water flows; Numerical scheme; Finite volume method; Coriolis effect

Abstract: A modified upwind scheme is presented which leads to a low level of numerical diffusion and oscillation for both gravity and Rossby waves. The method uses a high-order upwind method for calculation of the numerical flux and a fourth-order Adams method for time integration of the equations. The Coriolis term is treated analytically in two stages: before and after calculation of computational fluxes. It is shown that the proposed modifications lead to a considerable improvement of energy conservation properties of upwind finite volume schemes for large-scale shallow water flows where the Coriolis effect becomes important.


Year: 2011

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