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Water Resources Decrease Issue and Coordination Strategy of Green Water and Bule Water in the Taihang Mountain Region

Author(s): Yangwen Jia, Junkai Du, Chunfeng Hao, Cunwen Niu, Yaqin Qiu

Linked Author(s): Yangwen Jia

Keywords: Water resources, green water, blue water, climate variation, LUCC.

Abstract: The Taihang Mountain Region (140, 000 km2) is the water source area of the North China Plain, where the variations of river runoff (i. e. bule water) and rain water used by vegetation system (i. e. green water) are attributed to the climate variation and the land-use and land-cover change (LUCC). The quantitative simulation of water cycle and the attribution of water resources variation have been performed based on establishment and validation of the distributed hydrological model WEP-L (Water and Energy transfer Processes in Large river basins), as well as the remote sensing data (Landsat), meteorological data and social-economic data in the region, to analyze the inter-annual variations of blue water and green water and corresponding change rules with elevation. The results illustrate that climate variation is the main reason for the blue water decrease in the region, while the human activities including soil conservation dominate green water variation. Although the green water utilized by improved vegetation system would increase, its impacts on the blue water should not be neglected, and the coordinate strategy of the green water and the blue water in the region to realize an optimal national land space is discussed


Year: 2017

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