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Nonlinear Pls Method for Subcritical Flows over Sharp-Crested Rectangular Side Weirs

Author(s): Ali Parvaneh, Mohammad R. Jalili, Hadi Sadeghian, Mohammad Parvaneh

Linked Author(s): Ali Parvaneh

Keywords: Side weir; Rectangular weir; Discharge coefficient; PLS method;

Abstract: Side weirs are widely used for level control and flow regulation in hydraulic engineering applications such as irrigation, land drainage, and sewer systems. These hydraulic structures allow a part of the flow to spill laterally when the surface of the flow in the main channel rises above the weir crest. In fact, they can be served for adjustment and diverting of flow with minimum energy loss. Previous investigators have extensively studied the hydraulic performance of sharp-crested rectangular side weirs and introduced different linear and non-linear equations for estimation of their De Marchi coefficient of discharge ?M in subcritical flow. In this study, based on over 178 experimental data available from previous investigators and through using the multivariable nonlinear partial least square (PLS) method, a new accurate nonlinear equation is presented for discharge coefficient ?M of sharp-crested rectangular side weirs. The obtained empirical equation relating ?M with the relevant geometric and hydraulic dimensionless parameters ??1, pℎ1,⁄ ??⁄ in a rectangular open channel. Comparison between results of the new presented equation and the measured data shows that the new presented empirical equation can predict the discharge of diverted flow over side weirs with higher accuracy.


Year: 2019

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