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Three-phase bi-layer model for simulating mixed flows

Author(s): Francois Kerger; Pierre Archambeau; Benjamin J. Dewals; Sébastien Erpicum; Michel Pirotton

Linked Author(s): Francois Kerger, Pierre Archambeau, Benjamin J. Dewals, Michel Pirotton

Keywords: Air entrapment; air entrainment; air–water flow; drift-flux model; multiphase flow

Abstract: Mixed flows characterized by a simultaneous occurrence of free surface and pressurized flows are often encountered in hydraulic engineering. Numerous researches have been dedicated to unify the mathematical description of both flows. Herein, shock-capturing models succeed in giving a unique set of equations. However, no method accounts for both air-entrapment and air-entrainment. This study proposes an original model to simulate air–water interactions in mixed flows. The new approach relies on the area-integration of a three-phase model over two layers. The applicability of this free surface model is extended to pressurized flows by a modified pressure term accounting for the dispersed air. The derived modelling system WOLF IMPack is then validated. The code successfully simulates open channel flows, mixed flows and water hammer in a unified framework, including air–water interactions, in structures like the drainage network.


Year: 2012

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