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Numerical simulations of cellular secondary currents and suspended sediment transport in open-channel flows over smooth-rough bed strips

Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi; Moonhyeong Park; Hyeongsik Kang

Linked Author(s): Sung-Uk Choi, Moonhyeong Park

Keywords: Cellular secondary currents; smooth-rough bed strips; Reynolds stress model; turbulence; wide open-channel flow

Abstract: The flow and transport of suspended sediment in open-channel flows over smooth-rough bed strips were simulated numerically. The flow equations were solved with the aid of the Reynolds stress model. Simulated flow structures are provided and compared with measured data available in the literature. The comparisons indicate that the numerical model successfully predicts the mean flow and turbulence statistics. The sediment distribution of suspended particles in such flows was also simulated. The transport equation for suspended sediment was solved using the eddy diffusivity concept. The computed results show that flows with higher concentration occur over the smooth strips as observed in a river flow during the floods. The eddy diffusivity profile was also obtained and compared with that from an analytical expression reported byWang and Cheng [Advances inWater Resources. 28 (2005) 441–450]


Year: 2007

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