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The Burgers equation model and the monoclinal wave phenomenon in conveyance channels

Author(s): Samuel Nii Odai; Naritaka Kubo

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Keywords: Approximate models; conveyance channel; monoclinal-rising-wave; translatory wave; uniformly progressive wave

Abstract: In this paper, the ability of the Burgers equation model (BEM) to describe the monoclinal-rising-wave phenomenon is presented. The BEM is transformed by standardizing the initial and final normal flow depths; and by introducing a moving coordinate system into the equation. The resulting equation is tested numerically and analytically by introducing an abrupt flow increase between initial and final steady flow causing a positive translatory wave at the upstream end of the channel. The wave attained a stable form after a long time has elapsed, and it finally approached a monoclinal-rising-wave. In the case of a negative translatory wave the wave never attained a stable form, but changed continually with the passage of time. Comparison made between the numerical solutions presented graphically and the analytical deductions confirm the ability of the BEM to describe the monoclinal-wave phenomenon in conveyance channels


Year: 2007

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