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Flow Characteristics of Compound Open Channel Flow with Discontinuous Flood Plain

Author(s): Kenshin Teyama; Katsutoshi Watanabe

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Keywords: Compound open channel flow with discontinuous flood plain; Embayment; Three dimensional turbulent flow; PTV; Flow visualization

Abstract: An embayment set up in the river are connected to the main stream of the river, but are terrain that looks like a pond surrounded by river structures. It provides a stable habitat for aquatic organisms such as fish, and is a place where various vegetation breeds. To conserve the environment inside the wand, it is necessary to understand the structure of the flow inside the wand. During a flood, the embayment may be submerged, and the flow field is considered to be a complex three-dimensional turbulent flow consisting of backward facing step flow with an end and a side wall flow. In this study, in order to reproduce the flow field of a submerged embayment, a compound open channel flow with discontinuous flood plain was created, and the characteristics of the flow structure were examined by measuring the flow velocity and flow visualization.


Year: 2020

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