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A Rainfall-Runoff/Flood-Inundation Model for Myohoji River Basin Kobe Japan with Rainwater Sewage Channels

Author(s): Kenichiro Kobayashi; Atsushi Tamura; Ichiro Fujita; Akinobu Yamamoto; Kazuyoshi Kanayama

Linked Author(s): Kenichiro Kobayashi

Keywords: Myohuji River; Rainfall-runoff; Inundation; Drainage; STIV

Abstract: The paper presents a development of a distributed rainfall-runoff/flood-inundation model for Myohouji River, Hyogo, Japan. The primary purpose was to study if the very rapid rise of the water level in flooding at very urbanized basin as Myohouji River could be reproduced with the rainfall-runoff model. The rain drainage network was also modelled to estimate the effect. The result exhibited that the model can reproduce the flooding situation on some level, though the simulated peak discharge was smaller than the estimated discharge by Space Time Image Velocimetry based on the images of a monitoring camera. Likewise, the effect of the rain drainage was estimated at around 10% of the total peak runoff, though this needs to be verified with the future observation.


Year: 2020

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