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Nonmodal Shear Intabilities in Shallow Flows and Considerations for Outfall Design

Author(s): Yarzar Tun; Majid Mohammadian

Linked Author(s): Majid Mohammadian

Keywords: Shallow water; Linear stability analysis; Nonmodal stability analysis; Pseudospectr

Abstract: Transverse shear instabilities in an open channel are analyzed by conducting a linear stability analysis using Saint Vanent equations. The system is discretized using the Chebyshev spectral method subject to a hyperbolic tangent velocity profile. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the stability behavior of the system further by using nonmodal stability analysis which gives an idea of finite time instability as oppose to the traditional linear stability method which only predicts asymptotic instability for systems with nonnormal linear operators.


Year: 2016

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