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Probabilistic Analysis Based Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Detention Tanks for Flooding Control in the Urban Stormwater Drainage System

Author(s): Huan-Feng Duan; Fei Li; Tao Tao; Shuping Li

Linked Author(s): HF Duan

Keywords: Urban stormwater drainage system (USDS); Multi-objective optimization (MOO); Detention tank; Probabilistic analysis; Uncertainty

Abstract: Design of detention tanks becomes progressively important to the flooding control and drainage service management of the urban stormwater drainage system (USDS). While the hydrological and hydraulic models and methods have been widely developed in the literature for the optimal design and management of USDS, there is not yet a general methodological framework that is applicable for all practical systems, because of various complexities in practical USDS. This study aims to develop a multi-objective optimization (MOO) based design framework by considering local design criteria and uncertainty conditions. Probabilistic analysis is conducted by the Monte-Carlo simulation (MCs) based on the uncertainty characteristics of different factors in the USDS, with the aim to examine the relative importance and individual contribution of each factor to the variability of the MOO-based design results. To validate the proposed method, a practical case in SA city of China is taken for example to obtain optimal layout and sizes of detention tank network under specific local design criteria and uncertainty conditions. Different rainfall return periods are tested to guarantee the robustness of the design method. The results of this study are discussed in the paper for practical implications to the design and management of USDS.


Year: 2016

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