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An Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Propagation Through Emergent Rigid Vegetation Zone

Author(s): Xiaochun Tang; Pengzhi Lin

Linked Author(s): Pengzhi Lin

Keywords: Solitary wave; Rigid vegetation; PIV; Velocity profiles

Abstract: A lot of aquatic plants in coastal area are observed to have significant effects on wave transformation and wave energy dissipation when wave propagation through vegetation zone. In this study, the experiments were conducted to investigate the wave transformation and wave velocities by wave gauges and PIV measurements. The vegetation zone was modeled by PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) cylinders, which are rigid and emergent. The PIV measurements were firstly validated with the theoretical formulations under pure solitary wave conditions. The PIV measurements were then employed to study the interaction of solitary wave with vegetation stems. Based on the results, the characteristics of velocity profiles front and behind the vegetation stems are discussed. Other tests were also conducted to investigate the influence of vegetation on different vertical plane.


Year: 2016

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