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Effect of Transverse Slope on Sedimentation and Turbulent Flow Structure in Vegetated Floodplain of Compound Water Channels

Author(s): Kasun De Silva; Norio Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Norio Tanaka

Keywords: Inclined floodplain; Secondary currents; Reynolds stress

Abstract: This study focused on the effect of the slope of middle water channel bed in transverse direction towards sediment deposition on floodplain with change of momentum transport behavior on compound water channels. The turbulent flow structure of the compound channel was investigated with Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique and results were further verified by comparing with sediment deposition profiles obtained with sedimentation experiments for both flat and inclined vegetated floodplain. Due to the inclination of the floodplain, momentum exchange towards low channel is increased so that sediment deposition can be controlled on floodplain. Although this effect is reduced due to the vegetation still it would perform better than the flat floodplain. In addition, sediment deposition would be less for low water depths in comparison to high water depths in case of both flat and inclined floodplains.


Year: 2016

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