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Impact of Climate Change on Watershed Hydrology in an Agricultural Tiledrained Watershed

Author(s): Golmar Golmohammadi; Shiv Prasher; Ali Madani; Ramesh Rudra

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Keywords: Modeling; Climate Change; Hydrology; Drainage; Cold Climate

Abstract: The SWATDRAIN model was developed by incorporating the subsurface flow model, DRAINMOD, into a watershed scale surface flow model, SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment tool), to simulate the hydrology and water quality of agricultural watersheds. The model is capable of simulating hydrology under different agricultural management and climate scenarios. As an application of the SWATDRAIN model, the impact of climate change on surface/subsurface flow was evaluated in the Canagagigue watershed in southern Ontario, Canada. Using the assumption that there has been no change in land cover and land management, the model was applied in order to simulate annual, seasonal and monthly changes in surface and subsurface flows at the outlet of the watershed under current and future climate conditions. The climate scenario under consideration in this study for 2015-2044 was based on CGCM2 for future climatic simulation.


Year: 2014

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