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Mathematical Modelling of Sedimentation Within an Intake Basin at Krishna Pattinam

Author(s): Murali K; Sundar V; Sannasirajs A

Linked Author(s): Vallam Sundar, S.A. Sannasiraj, Kantharaj Murali

Keywords: Siltation; Sedimentation; Tidal flow; Intake; Power plants

Abstract: A thermal power plant of 2 x 800 MW capacities is being set up along the east coast of India. The cooling water requirement for this plant as well as the subsequent discharge is envisaged to be drawn from the Bay of Bengal and subsequent discharge is also planned into the sea. It is proposed to construct a pair of training walls for providing a sheltered intake channel to draw cooling water for the power plant. The wave and tide induced suspended and bed load sediment transport are estimated based on a new and simplified approach of considering the littoral transport, which is a predominant source of sediment drift along east coast of India. This paper details the evaluation of tidal flow pattern and siltation at the site with specific focus on siltation levels in the area between the training walls protecting the intake channel. The near shore wave propagation modeling has been carried out to transform the offshore wave into the region of interest. The average sediment load in the water column under the wave action has been estimated in terms of suspended load and bed load. The integrated net erosion/deposition has been estimated within the training walls. Through this approach, the estimates of the sedimentation is found to be reasonable which could facilitate the decision making on the dredging requirement or in deciding the length of training walls to minimize the sedimentation.


Year: 2014

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