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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2015 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
4317 Hydraulics in the era of exponentially growing computing power
Fotis Sotiropoulos
4318 Lattice Boltzmann method for overland flow studies and its experimental validation
Xiaona Zhang; Jie Feng; Tao Yang
4319 Computational model of flood discharge splash in large hydropower stations
Haitao Liu; Zhiping Liu; Qingfu Xia; Shuangke Sun
4320 Simulation-based optimization of in-stream structures design: J-hook vanes
Ali Khosronejad; Jessica L. Kozarek; Panayiotis Diplas; Fotis Sotiropoulos
4321 A coupled two-dimensional numerical model for rapidly varying flow, sediment transport and bed morphology
Xin Liu; Julio Ángel Infante Sedano; Abdolmajid Mohammadian
4322 Simulations of granular bed erosion due to a mildly turbulent shear flow
Jos J. Derksen
4323 Particle motion and diffusion at weak bed load: accounting for unsteadiness effects of entrainment and disentrainment
Jenny Campagnol; Alessio Radice; Francesco Ballio; Vladimir Nikora
4324 Turbulent length scales and anisotropy downstream of a wall mounted sphere
Sankar Sarkar; Subhasish Dey
4325 Evaluation of friction velocity in unsteady flow experiments
Magdalena M. Mrokowska; Paweł M. Rowiński; Monika B. Kalinowska
4326 Estimation of total suspended solids concentration from aDcp backscatter and hydraulic measurements
Andrew Weiss; Shawn P. Clark; Colin D. Rennie; Stephanie A. Moore; Habib Ahmari

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