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Proceedings of the 19th IAHR APD Congress (Hanoi, 2014)

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9793 Analysing Land Use and Land Cover Change Pattern Using Classification Techniques in Harangi Catchment, Karnataka State, India
Ganasri B. P; Arun. A. M. ; Praveen Raj; Sriram. S; Dwarakish G. S
9794 Computation of Transport and Deposition of Radioactive Contaminants with Sediment Transport in Rivers
Hiroaki Washizu; Toshiki Iwasaki; Yasuyuki Shimizu; Ichiro Kimura
9795 Computational Modelling of Bank Erosion by a 2-D Depth-Averaged Model Under Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Conditions
Supapap Patsinghasanee; Ichiro Kimura; Yasuyuki Shimizu; Kazuyoshi Hasegawa
9796 Connect EGSB System-Activated Sludge-Filtration for Textile Wastewater Treatment
Ton That Lang
9797 Connectivity of Segreated and Blocked Space in the River
Jin Woo Lee; Chang Wan Kim; Sejong Han; Yong-Sik Cho
9798 Consideration for the Impact of Topography and Human Activities on Nutrient Deposition Caused by Inundation in the Mekong River Basin
Satoshi Kawamorita; Ayako Amano; So Kazama
9799 Cost-Benefit Analysis of Beach Nourishment for Adaptation Against Sea Level Rise
Jun Yoshida; Keiko Udo; Akira Mano
9800 Derivation of the Probable Maximum Flood for Large Dams in the Nghe an Province, Vietnam
Tran Kim Chau; William Veale; Nigel Connell; Hoang Thanh Tung; Nguyen Hoang Son
9801 Design Flood Estimation for a Vietnamese Catchment
Phuong Cu Thi; James E Ball
9802 Detection of Decadal Shoreline Changes Along Dhamara and Maipura Coast, Odisha, India
R. Mani Murali; R. Dhiman; S. Jayakumar; D. Ilangovan; And P. Vethamony

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