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Proceedings of the 4th IAHR European Congress (Liege, 2016)

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  • ISBN: 9781138029774
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Editor(s): Sebastien Erpicum; Benjamin Dewals; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton
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ID Title Authors Year
10447 Hydrological Simulation in the Tiete Basin
T. Rocha; I. G. Hidalgo; A. F. Angelis; J. E. G. Lopes
10448 Hydraulic Analysis of an Irrigation Headworks Complex in the Artibonite Department (HAITI)
S. Louis; N. Gonomy; N. de Ville; M. A. Verbanck
10449 Effect of Emergent Vegetation Distribution on Energy Loss
E. Eris; G. Bombar; U. Kavakli
10450 Monthly Reservoir Operating Rules Generated by Implicit Stochastic Optimization and Self-Organizing Maps
C. A. S. Farias; E. C. M. Machado; L. N. Brasiliano
10451 Comparison of PIV Measurements and CFD Simulations of the Velocity Field over Bottom Racks
Luis G. Castillo; Juan T. Garcia; Jose M. Carrillo; Antonio Vigueras-Rodriguez
10452 Image Processing Techniques for Velocity Estimation in Highly Aerated Flows: Bubble Image Velocimetry Vs. Optical Flow
D. B. Bung; D. Valero
10453 Biomechanical Tests of Aquatic Plant Stems: Techniques and Methodology
A. M. Loboda; L. Przyborowski; M. Karpinski
10454 LS-PIV Procedure Applied to a Plunging Water JET Issuing from an Overflow Nappe
Y. Bercovitz; F. Lebert; M. Jodeau; C. Buvat; D. Violeau; L. Pelaprat; A. Hajczak
10455 PIV-PLIF Characterization of Density Currents
B. Perez-Diaz; P. Palomar; S. Castanedo
10456 Physical Model Tests for the Construction Stages of Large Breakwaters. Case Studies to the Ports of Barcelona and Cruna (SPAIN)
R. M. Gutierrez; J. Lozano; J. M. Valdes

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