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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10882 Hydrodynamic and Dimensionless Analysis of Field Slope Influence on Surface Irrigation
C. Gonzalez-Cebollada; D. Moret-Fernandez
10883 Flow Characteristics in a Partially Vegetated Open Channel
Souliotis D. ; Prinos P.
10884 Modelling Turbulence and Solute Transport in a Square Dead Zone
Carlo Gualtieri; Petra Amparo Lopez Jimenez; Jesus Mora Rodriguez
10885 Turbulent Flow Field Around a 45° Wing-Wall Bridge Abutment in Different Scour Conditions
F. Bressan; F. Ballio; V. Armenio
10886 Flood Modelling with Underground Pipe Networks Using Local Efflux/Influx Bed Discharge in the 2-D Shallow Water Equations
Hossein Mahdizadeh; Benedict D. Rogers; Peter K. Stansby
10887 3D Simulations of Transport and Fate of Mercury Due to Construction and Operation of Gas Terminals in the Gulf of Trieste
Rudolf Rajar; Matjaz Cetina; Milena Horva
10888 Analysis of the Autocorrelation Within Turbulent Scales in a Gravel-Bed River
M. J. Franca; R. M. L. Ferreira; U. Lemmin
10889 Hydrodynamic Verification with SPH of Under Gate Flow in the Alarcon Spillway (Spain)
Juan Jose Rebollo; Miguel De Blas; David Lopez; Ruben Diaz; Roberto Marivela
10890 Modeling External Pathogen Intrusion in Pipes During Pressure Transients
Petra A. Lopez-Jimenez; J. Jesus Mora-Rodriguez; Vicente S. Fuertes-Miquel; Carlos A. Platero-Gaona
10891 Sediment Transport Processes in Vegetated Streams
A. Armanini; V. Cavedon; M. Righetti

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