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Proceedings of the 19th IAHR APD Congress (Hanoi, 2014)

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9783 Influence of Enlargement of Quan Chanh Bo Channel on Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport in Dinh an Estuary, Vietnam
Dang Dong Nguyen; Nguyen Viet Thanh
9784 Characteristics of Floods in Jakarta, Indonesia and Factors Contributing to the January 2013 Flood
Shuichi Kure; Mohammad Farid; Yo Fukutani; Keiko Udo; Akira Mano
9785 Characteristics of River Water and Nutrient Discharge in a Wetland
Katsuaki Komai; Keisuke Nakayama; Yusuke Fukuoka; Mamoru Kawai; Shinya Nakashita; Yoshiteru Ichikawa
9786 Characteristics of Ship Waves in Ca Mau River
Nguyen Ba Thuy; N. A. K. Nandasena; Vu Hai Dang; Nguyen Xuan Hien; Nguyen Quoc Trinh
9787 Characteristics of Storm Surge Generation and Propagation by Typhoon Melor in Mikawa Bay
Shigeru. Kato; Van Vinh Dinh; Dung. Quyen Le; Takumi. Okabe
9788 Climate Change and Its Impacts on the Source Regions of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers
Y. S. Rong; L. Y. Bai; W. Wang
9789 Coastal Disaster Awareness and Preparedness in Vietnam
Nguyen Danh Thao; Miguel Esteban; Hiroshi Takagi; Le Tuan Anh; Doan Dinh Tuyet Trang; Tran Thu Tam
9790 Comparation of Pollutant Charges Issued by Industrial Groups to Valencia Lake Basin Between the Years 2009 and 2011, Venezuela
A. Marquez; M. Mura; Olgui Figueira; E. Guevara
9791 Comparative Study of Design Methods for Sliding of Perforated-Wall Caisson Breakwater
Nam-Hoon; Kim; Kyung-Duck; Suh
9792 Comparision of Three Methods for Rainfall Forecasting in Camau and Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Tran Anh Duong; Nguyen Mai Dang

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