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Proceedings of the 35th IAHR World Congress (Chengdu, 2013)

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  • ISBN: 9781629938141
  • Publisher: Tsinghua University Press
  • Editor(s): Zhaoyin Wang; Joseph H. W. Lee; Jizhang Gao; Shuyou Cao
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The 35th World Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) is held in Chengdu, southwestern China from September 8 to 13, 2013. The central theme of the congress is “the wise find pleasure in water" (Confucius, BC 552-BC 479). The sub-themes are Water Engineering and Civilization; Hydro-Environment; Fluvial Hydraulics and River Management; Maritime Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering; Water Resources and Hydroinformatics; and Climate Change and Hazard Mitigation. The congress provides a forum for scientists, engineers, and managers to share recent research advances and be updated on the latest technology in all branches of hydraulic and water engineering.

The local organizer received 2,161 abstracts from 80 countries and regions submitted for the 6 sub-themes and 99 abstracts submitted for 8 special seminars. The international scientific committee and a panel consisting of 144 scientists and experts reviewed the abstracts, and 1,886 abstracts were accepted for the congress. Finally, 1375 full papers submitted to the congress and most of them are accepted after the second round of review.

The proceedings contains 1195 papers, among them 25% are on fluvial hydraulics, 21% on hydro-environment, 18% on water resources, and 10%~13% on water engineering, maritime hydraulics, and climate change and hazard mitigation. The proceedings publish papers in 9 parts: 1) keynote and invited lectures; 2) papers for John Fisher Kennedy student paper competition, which were selected from 64 submitted abstracts and full papers after two round of review; 3) Water Engineering and Civilization; 4) Hydro-Environment; 5) Fluvial Hydraulics and River Management; 6) Maritime Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering; 7) Water Resources and Hydroinformatics; 8) Climate Change and Hazard Mitigation; and 9) papers for 8 special seminars. During the congress 1239 papers are presented in 139 sessions for oral presentations and 7 sessions for poster presentations. The abstracts of the presentations are printed in a book for the participants of the congress and the full papers are published in the electronic proceedings by Tsinghua University Press.

ID Title Authors Year
14155 2D Modelling of Megaflood Due to Glacier Dam-Break in Altai Mountains, Southern Siberia
Wei Huang; Zhixian Cao; Paul Carling; Gareth Pender
14156 3-D Flow Characteristic of Thermally Stratified Water in Reservoirs
Bingdong Li
14157 Numerical Modelling of Currents and Water Levels Dynamics Under Operational Spillway of Bureyskaya HPP
Oleg Petrov
14158 PIV Measurements of Steady Flow over an Artificial Static Armor Layer
Stephan Spiller; Nils Ruther; Benjamin Baumann
14159 Realistic Flow Simulations Around and Inside Porous Scour Protections
Xiaofeng Liu
14160 Maximal Dissolved Matter Discharge of the Amur River
Vladimir Pavlovich Shesterkin
14161 A Well-Balanced Numerical Model for Flows over Steep Slopes
Penghui Hu; Zhixian Cao; Wei Huang; Gareth Pender
14162 Hydraulics Experimental Studies on the Spillway of Lontangou Reservoir
Xinquan Feng; Xiwei Zhong; Shiping Ruan
14163 Effect of Water Level Regulation on the Passage Effectiveness of the Changzhou Fishway on the Pearl River, China
Jiangping Tao; Xiang Wang; Ye Qiao; Jianbo Chang
14164 Application of Acoustic Signals to Investigate Macrophyte Growth and Bottom Sediment Stability After Carp Removal in a Small Lake
Ying-Tien Lin; Chin Wu

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