Poul Harremoës Award

Founding Statement

The Joint committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) launched the Poul Harremoës award in 2005. Prof. Poul Harremoës was a globally renowned water engineer and Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

The award is given at each triannual International conference on Urban Drainage (ICUD) for the presentation of novel and ideally provocative ideas, relating to developments in urban drainage, by young authors (up to 35 years of age). The aim of the award is to inspire young researchers to push the field forward, to be bold and daring by challenging the status quo, and always asking the difficult questions. 

At each ICUD, three nominees are selected to present their submission in a plenary session of the ICUD. Each of these nominees is given the opportunity to publish their paper in Water Science & Technology. This virtual special issue of Water Science & Technology contains all published Poul Harremoës Award papers. This series not only shows a high quality of research, but also gives an interesting overview of the ‘hot topics’ in our field.

Rules for the administration of the award

The award is given for the presentation of novel and ideally provocative ideas, relating to developments in urban drainage, by young authors (up to 35 years of age), who are the first paper authors and will indicate their interest to enter this competition. Authors of highly rated extended abstracts will be asked to submit full papers for further evaluation by the PHA scientific committee, which will select the best three contributions to be presented in the Plenary Session on the first day of the Conference. The Committee will then choose the winner from these presentations and will announce the winner during the Conference Dinner.

The two assessment criteria for the PHA award are: 

Innovation, originality and promotion/development of new concepts in urban drainage, and

The candidate's ability to present the ideas in a dynamic and convincing way and respond adequately to questions asked by the panel during the plenary session.

The two criteria have equal weight.  

The candidates interested in this award should submit an extended abstract by the same deadlines as all other submissions. The author should check the box on the call for abstracts application to ensure that they are considered for the PHA. The first round of assessments will be made using the extended abstracts. The author will be notified if they make the first cut, and will then be invited to submit a full paper in early April (full papers will be sent to an email address not via the ICUD2021 portal). The full papers for the PHA will then be due 1 June 2021.


Every three years the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) recognises outstanding achievements of professionals in our field by bestowing two career achievement awards: One for ‘Mid-Career Achievement’ (awarded to someone who is part-way through their career and showing important leadership; typically these nominees will be less than 50 years old); and the other for ‘Career Achievement’ (awarded to a senior member of our urban drainage community).

The same basic criteria are used for both awards; the key criteria is that the candidate’s contribution in the urban drainage field is internationally recognised and may result from any of the following attributes:

Important and influential research findings, including publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Training of graduate students and young professionals.

Innovative and formative practice in the field, and promotion of such practices.

Education/dissemination/promotion of innovative ideas through conference and workshop presentations, and/or publication of widely used books and reports/guidelines.

Sustained contributions to the urban drainage field through such activities as conference organisation, document (paper) reviews, editorial services rendered to journals, and working group leadership.

Any combination of the above.

List of previous winners

1st Edition | Winner 2005
Sampling for representative micropollutant loads in sewer systems
C. Ort, W. Gujer
Journal: Water Science and Technology
Water Sci Technol (2006) 54 (6-7): 169–176.

2nd Edition | Winner 2008
Metals pollution tracing in the sewerage network using the diffusive gradients in thin films technique
P. Thomas
Journal: Water Science and Technology
Water Sci Technol (2009) 60 (1): 65–70.

3rd Edition | Winner 2014
Commercial microwave links instead of rain gauges: fiction or reality?
Martin Fencl, Jörg Rieckermann, Petr Sýkora, David Stránský, Vojtěch Bareš
Journal: Water Science and Technology
Water Sci Technol (2015) 71 (1): 31–37.

4th Edition | Winner 2017
Virtual reality in urban water management: communicating urban flooding with particle-based CFD simulations
Daniel Winkler, Jonatan Zischg, Wolfgang Rauch
Journal: Water Science and Technology
Water Sci Technol (2018) 77 (2): 518–524.

At the tri-annual ICUD conference the JCUD hands out three awards: The prestigious Career Achievement Award, the Midcareer Achievement Award and the Poul Harremoës Award. The Poul Harremoes Award is for the presentation of novel and ideally provocative ideas, relating to developments in urban drainage, by young authors (up to 35 years of age). 

3rd Edition

Poul Harremoes Award 2017 
Daniel Winkler, University Innsbruck, Austria

Midcareer Achievement Award 2017 
Jörg Rieckermann, EAWAG, Switzerland

Career Achievement Award 2017 
Jiri Marsalek, Canada

2nd Edition

Poul Harremoes Award 2014
Martin Fencl, CVUT, Czech Republic

Midcareer Achievement Award 2014 
Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Denmark

Career Achievement Award 2014 
Richard Ashley, UK

1st Edition

Poul Harremoes Award 2011
Nuno Eduardo da Cruz Simões, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Midcareer Achievement Award 2011
Manfred Schuetze, ifak, Germany

Career Achievement Award 2011 
Bernard Chocat, INSA de Lyon, France

Winners of ‘Mid-Career Achievement Award’: Peter Steen Mikkelsen, DTU, Denmark (2014),  Jorg Rieckerman, Eawag, Switzerland (2017)

Winners of ‘Career Achievement Award’:  Richard Ashley, University of Sheffield, UK (2014), Jiri Marsalek, National Water Research Institute, Canada (2017)

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