President of IAHR Shares New Strategic Plan for 2020-2023

Since 1935 the mission of IAHR has been clear:  to build an international community of top scholars and researchers in water science and engineering.  To effectively address many global challenges - in which water is often at the center - IAHR is making a Society-oriented step forward to be part of the solution for a better water future.

In 2010 IAHR changed its name to become the International Association for Hydro-environment Engineering and Research to reflect its diverse activities beyond traditional Hydraulic Engineering and its contributions to sustainability.  Hydro-environment Engineering and Research refers to the continuing expansion of our knowledge about water flow and management in engineered structures and natural water bodies and the use of such knowledge to serve the needs of people and in harmony with the environment.

As suggested by the above definition, IAHR helps boost knowledge through our network of expertise all over the world and this knowledge should be proactively disseminated for the service of people of all nations. 

It is my honor and pleasure to present the new IAHR Strategic Plan which embodies the extensive deliberations of the IAHR leadership on where IAHR should be in the next four years and the milestones to achieve that vision. This plan is the product of an initiative by Past President Peter Goodwin and Executive Director Tom Soo in 2019. I would like to extend special thanks to them and the task force that also included James Ball, Angelos Findikakis, Silke Wieprecht for their time, creative thinking and passion. I am proud to have been part of this venture from the beginning. Thanks are also due to the comments of the council members, division and technical committee chairs and journal editors for their input which invariably found their way into the final document.


The Strategic Plan (SP) is based on the following four pillars:

  1. Provide a world class international networking platform and great member experience.

  2. Inspire, disseminate and catalyse state-of-the-art knowledge and thinking.

  3. Institute events that set agendas, harness and amplify the collective knowledge of the global Hydro-Environment community.

  4. Act as a global voice on behalf of the Hydro-Environment engineering industry and research community.

This strategic plan will help guide us, monitor and evaluate goals and results to achieve new levels of excellence and reputation as the premier and a truly international association in water. We only can do this if we share this new vision and look beyond our own narrow interests.  

We do hope that you feel proud of being part of IAHR!


Joseph Hun-wei Lee
IAHR President

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