Call for proposals for hosting the International Symposium on Marine Outfall Systems (ISOS) in 2026

The IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems is inviting interested parties to submit proposals to host the International Symposium on Marine Outfall Systems (ISOS) in 2026. Those interested to organise and hold ISOS26 are invited to send a proposal to the chair of the IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall System by 1 January 2023.

Proposals should include details regarding the location, proposed timeframes, a budget plan, registration costs and support requirements (if applicable). Further details are provided below.


ISOS is proposed to be a symposium focussed on the design, construction, management and operation of wastewater outfall systems. It is anticipated that the event would be inclusive of a wide range of relevant fields and disciplines including, but not limited to water resources, sanitation, hydraulics, oceanography, biology, coastal and environmental engineering. Experts in these fields will be invited to meet to exchange knowledge, discuss technologies, plus current and evolving issues relating to the release of wastewater into coastal waters, rivers, and estuaries.

ISOS26 follows the ISOS series held in Argentina (2011), Oman (2014), Ottawa (2016), and Buenos Aires (2023). Please refer to the following link for further details of these events


Two to three full days.


It is envisaged that ISOS26 will provide a stimulating and enriching forum to discuss the latest developments in outfall systems. Papers that describe new research, technical innovation, and interesting real-world case studies and projects are encouraged. The conference topics may include, but not be limited to:

  • Materials and construction of outfalls.

  • Environmental impacts of outfalls (assessment and mitigation).

  • Biological assessments of discharges (biological sciences, public health risk assessments).

  • Methods for estimation of near field and far-field mixing and pollutant dispersion.

  • Experimental techniques and laboratory studies.

  • Computational techniques (CFD).

  • Intake/outfall systems for industrial applications (cooling water, desalination brine, etc).

  • Coastal-zone or river-basin management with outfall systems.

  • Field measurement techniques and monitoring of outfall systems (onsite, remote sensing, modelling, combined).

  • Outfalls in rivers and smaller inland waterways.

  • Ecologically friendly outfall structures (Building-with-Nature).

  • Discharge regulations and outfall investigations, including monitoring and compliance.

  • Outfall perception, decision processes, treatment and outfall location trade-offs, community/society   and culture of indigenous groups.

  • Case studies


A fee structure should be proposed, potentially adopting a similar model to previous events. Any special rates e.g. for students, for members of the IAHR, the IWA or for any other professional organisation who is endorsing the event should be documented

Profit: For details about the charges by IAHR and IWA, please contact The profit/loss recorded at the end of this event is the responsibility of the Local Organisation Committee (LOC).

Symposium Format and Expected Attendance

While there is a preference for an in-person event, the following formats are also invited, if they are considered to be appropriate: on-line, hybrid.

Provisionally it is expected that around 20 to 60 papers may be submitted. Attendance at an in-person event may also be in a similar range. It is however noted that these numbers will be dependent on the location of the event and the marketing effort. Numbers may also be raised if the symposium could be appended to another event of mutual interest.

Support Solicited


  • Support from the IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Outfall Systems

  • Advertising of the event


  • Bidding to host the ISOS26

  • Preparing a brief of their bid and presenting it to the members of the IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Outfall Systems

  • Setting up of the Local Organizing Committee

  • Advertising the event

  • Organisation of the conference (website, logistics for the location, all preparations, etc)

  • Proposal for paper publication; Special issue in a scientific journal is encouraged.

Timing of ISOS26

The LOC will ensure that ISOS26 will be held such that it would avoid scheduling competition with other relevant major engineering or environmentally focused conferences.

For more information, please contact: Prof. Majid Mohammadian ( or Ms. Jenny Lu (

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