Dr. Fabián Bombardelli receives the Honoris Causa Doctorate award from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata

800-24.jpgIAHR Council Member / RIBAGUA Editor Dr Fabián Bombardelli received an Honoraris Causa Doctorate from the National University of La Plata for his exceptional contributions to environmental fluid mechanics. The ceremony, held at the Faculty of Engineering, celebrated Bombardelli's career in computational fluid dynamics and hydraulics.

Having earned his Hydraulic Engineering degree from UNLP, Bombardelli has been a pivotal figure in hydraulic modeling, with notable contributions to large rivers like the Paraná and de la Plata. The Honorary Doctorate, UNLP's highest academic accolade, recognizes his outstanding commitment to public university service.

In his lecture, titled "Numerical Simulation of Air Entrainment in Stepped Spillways: From Engineering to Research," Bombardelli shared insights into his influential work.

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