What does IAHR offer to event organizers to make the most of the publication of the proceedings?

IAHR Proceedings

 IAHR publishing tradition: Since 1938 supporting influential knowledge products

An important function of any large international organisation is to disseminate the best elements of its discipline through learned works, specialised research publications and state of the art reviews. Traditionally, Proceedings has been the most popular media for researchers to reference and review the newest research in a specific area. 

IAHR is particularly well-served in this regard by its tradition of publishing conference proceedings: from the traditional print copies to the nowadays online products. 

IAHR offers a perfect match with the organizers of the event based on the knowledge of the publishing strategies and the context of the event. IAHR provides advice and support to get the proceedings indexed, including the ISBN and ISSN registration. 

Contact person: Estíbaliz Serrano, IAHR Publications Manager at

 Guidelines for IAHR World Congresses, Regional Congresses and Technical Events

  1. The Congress Organising Group is responsible for the production of the proceedings. It is recommended that they are distributed among the attendees by the date of the event.

  2. The copyright will be hold by IAHR. Authors must sign the copyright agreement when submitting their paper (or after final acceptance). Copyrights must be transferred to IAHR.

  3. Proceedings will be permanently hosted in the IAHR Library after the Congress. See detailed information in item 14.

  4. Format of the proceedings (i.e, printed, USB or electronic only) will be decided in consensus between the COG, International Scientific Committee (ISC) and IAHR. The COG will assume any cost related to the production of the proceedings.

  5. IAHR will provide with a paper template and cover guidelines.

  6. Peer review policy must be clearly and publicly available in the submission process.

  7. Reviewers and authors must follow a Publication Ethics Code of Conduct. IAHR publications follow the COPE Best Practices.

  8. Length and sections. The recommended paper length is 4 pages minimum. The paper MUST include the following information provided by the author(s):

    · Title

    · Author affiliations and countries

    · Abstract

    · Keywords

    · Sections

    · Cited references in roman script

    Papers of 2 page-length are considered extended abstracts and not eligible for being indexed. On the other hand, more delegates are interested in submitting their papers to journals and are willing to keep the congress proceedings papers shorter. Therefore, it is suggested to request a minimum length of 4 pages but not a maximum.

  9. In the interest of the congress success, on behalf of the Editor, IAHR will apply for the proceedings to be evaluated for inclusion in the main proceedings’ indexes. See requirements in item 13. Coverage in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index is selective and subjected to an evaluation process that takes around 10-12 months. It is suggested to show on the congress website that the proceedings will be submitted for review with the following text: “Proceedings will be submitted for evaluation to the main Congress Proceedings Indexes. The evaluation process takes around 12 months”

  10. Registration. The congress proceedings are registered as a series with an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and as an Individual publication with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISBN must be registered with IAHR as publisher. This service has a cost of 350 € to be covered by the congress organizer.

  11. Content to be provided by the National Organising Committee to IAHR:o Cover o Preface o Front matter (inner cover, editorial information including COPE statement, National Organising Committee, International Steering Committee, International Scientific Committee, Sponsors and Congress Organizers) o Author index o Individual papers -including DOIs and full issue.

  12. Assignment of DOIs. The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an international system for the identification of digital objects. It consists of a unique number to each single article to facilitate identification and automated management. It is compulsory for applying to inclusion in some indexes. This service is provided by a CrossRef agent. IAHR can provide this service upon additional quotation. DOIs must be included at the top of each article, and they must be deposited in CrossRef (reference linking organization) with metadata files.

  13. Requirements to be indexed.

  14. Guidelines for preparing paper metadata of IAHR Proceedings For proceedings to be readily uploaded into the IAHR Document Library, it is requested that an MS Excel or CSV file be prepared to contain the basic information of all papers in the proceedings, the columns of which are listed in Row 1 in the table below. Row 2 is an example while Row 3 is some explanation. These fields will be used as metadata in the version uploaded in the e-library. It is important that the capitalization format is consistent.

  15. Timeline



  • Avoid special symbols in the title. 

  • Avoid spaces before and after within the field content. 

  • Full names instead of abbreviations. 

  • Those fields will be captured as metadata. 

  • Format must be consistent.

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