IAHR Technical Committee on Education and Professional Development | 2023 Report

IAHR Technical Committee on Education and Professional Development

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Who we are?

We aim at filling the gap between hydraulics research and the practice of hydraulic engineering emphasising the importance of application-oriented research and much larger-scale of involvement of practising engineers in the activities of IAHR, aiming at enhancing technology transfer in several aspects and brushing up the professional skills of engineers to cope with new developments in technology or professional practices.

Young Professionals

What we do? 2023 Report

Leading Team Meetings

Meetings on a trimestral frequency:

  • Four online meetings during 2023: 19 January, 24 March, 9 October, 13 December.

  • One face-to-face meeting during the World Congress in Vienna, August 2023.

The 3rd IAHR Young Professionals Challenge

  • March-April 2023

The YP Challenge consist of a web-based collaborative project for which young professionals are virtually gathered to work online to solve a specific engineering challenge related with hydro-environment. Three challenges were targeted during 2023 edition on the themes: experimental methods and instrumentation, eco-hydraulics and river hydraulics. The main parts involved are the participants (YP’s), the external experts (TC representatives and industry), the coaches (EPD members). 

Mentoring programme

  • August 2023

The EPD committee organized a face-to-face mentoring programme during the IAHR World Congress, Vienna August 20232, with the aim to facilitate access of new IAHR members into IAHR and its committees and working groups, support young professionals, keep senior members in touch with new generations and improve gender, regional and age distribution of IAHR members. This was a first time experience for the EPD committee, which has been evaluated as a successful initiative. The committee would like to promote its continuity during 2024.

JFK Student Paper CompetitionThe JFK student paper competition

  • August 2023

The JFK student paper competition is held in conjunction with each IAHR biennial World Congress and aims at acknowledging outstanding students advancing research in hydro-environment. A jury representing the IAHR technical themes evaluates both the conferences papers and the students presentations, which are held on a specific special session for the competition purpose. The EPD-TC is in charge of the organization of the competition under the supervision on the Awards committee. 

The Most Active YPN

  • August 2023

The YPNs biennial award is held in conjunction with each IAHR biennial World Congress and aims at acknowledging and giving visibility to the activities held by the most active YPN’s during the two preceding years. Four awards are provided for the most active YPN’s of each IAHR region (Asia-Pacific, America, Africa and Europe). A representative is invited to attend the World Congress, who will act as the YPN ambassador. The EPD-TC is in charge of the organization of the award under the supervision on the Awards committee.

IAHR Young Professionals Congress The 4th IAHR Young Professionals Congress

  • November 2023

The aim of the IAHR YP Congress is to provide a framework for young professionals working in hydro-environment to present their work, get mentoring, network with peers, discover what YP’s are doing worldwide and develop their network and foster their future career. The congress is held on a full online basis and it is free of charge, promoting exchange without borders. 

Upcoming Activities

Besides the regular (annual or biannual) activities from the EPD committee, such as the YP Challenge, the YP Congress, or regular awards. The EPD-TC would like to work on the following new activities:

Publication on Education and Professional Development in Hydro-environment

  • During 2024

The present paper aims at synthetizing the picture on the past and current states of education in hydro-environment, explain the role that IAHR association has had during this process, and revisit its scope, strategic pathways and the long-vision. The paper is currently at 50% completion. 

Mentoring programme

  • During 2024

We would like to give continuation to the face-to-face mentoring programme organized during the IAHR World Congress, Vienna 2023. This follow up could be done on an online basis after developing the right platform.

Proposal for project acquisition

  • During 2024

The EPD technical committee would like to form a consortium to apply for an educational project in education. This way we could give framework to our tasks and fund our own activities.  We are open for suggestions!

Project call in EPD radar

4th IAHR Young Professionals Challenge

5th IAHR Young Professionals Congress

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