Welcome ISL Ingénierie as a new Institute Member!

Welcome ISL Ingénierie as a new Institute Member!

ISL Ingénierie joins IAHR

Founded in 1986, ISL Ingénierie specialises in hydraulic engineering. The company currently employs 135 people, most of whom work throughout France, and operates in both local and export markets. The effects of climate change, the energy transition, water resources, the frequency of flooding and ecological and environmental issues are at the heart of society's concerns. They are also at the heart of the work carried out by ISL Ingénierie, which has developed cutting-edge expertise in the following areas: Flood prevention and protection works; Rivers & aquatic environments, Ports & waterways, Hydroelectricity & new energies, Reservoirs & water resources, Seas & Shores and Special structures.

Welcome to IAHR!

ISL Ingénierie

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