Journal of Hydraulic Research | Volume 58. Issue 3, June 2020

JHR_vol_58_issue_03_cover_250px.jpgThe Journal of Hydraulic Research (JHR) publishes research papers in theoretical, experimental and computational hydraulics and fluid mechanics, relating to rivers, lakes, estuaries, coasts, constructed waterways, and some internal flows such as pipe flows. To reflect current trends in water research, articles that explore outcomes of interdisciplinary hydro-environment studies with a strong fluid mechanical component are especially welcome. Although preference is given to fundamental issues, papers focusing on important unconventional or emerging applications of broad interest are also appreciated.

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Journal of Hydraulic Research | Vol. 58. Issue 3, June 2020

This issue makes important contributions to the theoretical, experimental and computational aspects of open channel, pipe flow, and eco-hydraulics.

Research papers 

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  • Closure to “Critical shear stress for erosion of sand and mud mixtures”

    By Weiming Wu, Chamil Perera, Jarrell Smith And Alejandro Sanchez,  J. Hydraulic Res. 56(1), 2018, 96–110

    Weiming Wu (IAHR Member), Professor, Chamil Perera PhD Student, Jarrell Smith Research Civil Engineer and Alejandro Sanchez, Senior Hydraulic Engineer

    Pages: 550-551 | DOI: 10.1080/00221686.2019.1661294

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