RIBAGUA Vol. 7. Issue 1, 2020 (in Spanish). Open access

The Ibero American Water Journal (RIBAGUA) plays a unique role in helping researchers, engineers, and stakeholders in the region communicate their work in Spanish and Portuguese and focuses on topics of interest to the continent.

RIBAGUA - Revista Iberoamericana del Agua

This issue of RIBAGUA explores a further validation of a code based on the numerical method of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), developed at CEDEX, Spain. For this validation, data was used from a physical model, also developed at CEDEX, of the intake of the dam in La Angostura, Peru. The dam is located on a tributary of the Amazon River at the boundary between the Regional Governments of Cusco and Arequipa. This issue also presents a numerical analysis of highly convergent spillways. Among other benefits, this design makes it possible to increase the dewatered flow compared to typical spillway designs. Finally, readers will learn about the PORT 21 System, aimed at forecasting waves and currents in the South American coastal region. The models used are described as well as how they are integrated within the computer system. Case studies that illustrate the operation of the system are also presented, including an example of calibration and validation of the system in southern Chile.  

>> RIBAGUA Vol. 7. Issue 1, 2020 (in Spanish). Open access 


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