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1. Download and Install

2. Sign in and Join a Meeting

3. Functions in Zoom Live Room

    3.1 Switch Audio and Video

    3.2 Participants

    3.3 Chat Box

    3.4 Share Screen

    3.5 Virtual Background

4. Others

    4.1 Tips

    4.2 Support

1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL  -->  RESOURCES  -->  Download Zoom Client

As the figure 1 shown, follow the red arrow direction.

Figure 1 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Then jump to the Download Center, click the Download button of Zoom Client for Meetings as the figure 2 shown below.

The download page is

Or download the client through below links directly in computer.



Figure 2 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Take an installation then open the Zoom Client and it will be as the figure 3 shown below.

Figure 3 (Click the Figure for Large Image)


Click the Sign In button which was shown in figure 3. Then all sign in methods is shown in the figure 4.

If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can just sign in with your Google account because it can be easier.

NOTE: Zoom account is Not Required. You can Join a Meeting directly after entering the Meeting ID and Password (If Needed). But the Virtual Background will not be available if without Sign In.

Figure 4 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Click the Join a Meeting button, and type in the Meeting ID and Your Name as the figure 5 shown in below. Then click Join button.

Figure 5 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Next, you need to enter Password (If the meeting needs a password) as the figure 6 shown in below. Then you will enter the meeting.

Figure 6 (Click the Figure for Large Image)


3.1  The live room as the figure 6 shown below. Two main functions are located in the left bottom corner.

Switch the Audio between Mute and Unmute
Switch the Video between Start (On) and Stop (Off)

Figure 7 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Other functions on the bottom function bar:

3.2  Click Participants button, the Participants window will appear on the right side. As the figure 8 shown below.

Figure 8 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

3.3  Click Chat button, the chat box will appear on the right side. As the figure 9 shown below.

You can chat in the chat box with any of the participants in the live room. And you can choose to chat to everyone, or any single person as the figure 9 shown in below.

Figure 9 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

3.4  Share Screen button. This is the most important function for each speaker because all speakers need to share their PPT during the presentation.

    (1)  Firstly, you need to open your PPT.

    (2)  Secondly, click the Share Screen button in Zoom. In the pop-up window, you can find all open pages on your computer including your PPT. As the figure 10           shown in below.

    (3) Choose the PPT page then click share button. Now, you can play the PPT and start the presentation. As the figure 10 shown in below.

    (4) If your PPT contains embedded video, don't forget to click Share Computer Sound which located in the bottom of the pup-up window. Otherwise, other viewers will not be able to hear the sound of your video. As the Figure 10 shown below. Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip is not required.

Figure 10 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

3.5 For Virtual Background function, as the figure 11 and figure 12 shown in below.

    (1) Click the small icon on the video button, then click Choose Virtual Background.

    (2) In the pop-up window, choose Background & Filters then click the “+” icon and Add Image on the right side.

    (3) Choose the Virtual Background you want from your computer and upload it. Then you can find it in the Virtual Backgrounds list.

NOTE: Virtual background has minimum requirements for computer performance. Some old generation computer does not support it.

Figure 11 (Click the Figure for Large Image)

Figure 12 (Click the Figure for Large Image)


4.1 Tips

    (1) During the live, everyone can see you through the live streaming. So, you can switch off your video if you need to deal with any stuff.

    (2) Don’t forget to mute while other speakers are speaking.

    (3) Don’t forget to unmute before your presentation.

4.2 Support

Click here for more detailed Zoom instruction.

Or click here for Zoom official document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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