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Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT)

Research Institutes and Centers

Contact Us:  283, Goyang-daero, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10223, Republic of Korea,, +82-31-910-0265



As the only state research institute in the field of construction in Korea, the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology has been dedicated to leading the development of technologies in the construction industry. Also, KICT has been ensuring the efficient use of the national land and the happiness of citizens in the past 40 years since its foundation in 1983. 

Through the nation's industrialization and rapid growth, the Korean construction industry has grown equal to that in advanced countries. Recently, we have been seeing the emergence of new talking points in construction beyond the conventional topics of building, civil engineering, and social infrastructure. These include smart city infrastructure in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, convergent technologies in emerging fields, for example, construction technologies for extreme environments, and relevant institutions and policies. 

 We at the KICT will exert our utmost efforts to answer these needs of the times and ensure the convenient, safe, and healthy lives of citizens. We aim to resolve the current issues and challenges in construction technology to allow citizens to live more convenient, safe, and healthy lives in our land and residential environment, make bold challenges to future issues, and present visions to improve the competitiveness of the homeland and society's potential for innovative growth, thereby contributing to improving the quality of citizens' lives. 

KICT will be pioneering the path to ensure citizens' happiness. Your continued interest and support will be greatly appreciated.

 Organization Activities/ Business Field 

The Department of Land, Water and Environment Research in KICT to find ways to actively respond to present national issues related to water and the environment, as well as to research on ways to conserve land. The department mainly focuses on the sustainable and integrated water quantity/quality management, the minimization of damages caused by floods and droughts, water quality improvement and river restoration for the pleasant formation of territory, advanced water supply technology, wastewater reuse, and plant efficiencies. Belonging the department, River Experiment Center and Integrated Water Management Research Center endeavor to develop and to distribute technologies including ⓐriver management based on full-scale experiments, ⓑriver facility development using new materials, ⓒland conservation technologies such as water environment improvement and river rehabilitation, and ⓓcomprehensive water management. According to these efforts, the department are expected to contribute to the establishment and implementation of a national land conservation policy so that the country can successfully address climate change.  

Main Research Fields (Operations)

- Disaster response technologies based on advanced technologies 

- Living environment improvement technologies, such as advancing water supply and sewage technologies 

- Sustainable water resource and river management technology 

- Environmental preservation technologies such as improvement of the water environment and restoration of rivers, etc. - Creation of new markets such as plant optimization, new materials and IT convergence


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