Exhibition: Hydraulics Laboratory of San Simon University (LHUMSS), Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Hydraulics Laboratory of San Simon University (LHUMSS), Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Contact Us: Avenida Petrolera km 4.5, 

tel: +591- 4 - 421 7370, fax: +591- 4 4767161,


The Hydraulics Laboratory of San Simón University (LHUMSS) provides a wide range of specialized services to companies, institutions and individuals in the management of Water Resources, academic advice and information. The LHUMSS carries out basic and applied research that guarantees the quality of its services, has the necessary infrastructure, research and didactic equipment, specialized software, library, database, etc. The LHUMSS staff is highly trained and has extensive experience to carry out their work. Our institution is open to be part of international networks to manage research projects.

Our main interest is to support the sustainable development of water resources; and promote scientific and technological, economic, cultural and political changes that allow increasing the condition of progress and well-being of the community in general.

With 35 years of experience, the different activities carried out by the LHUMSS allow permanent contact with a series of regional, national and international institutions (past and present) like: IAHR, KUL-Leuven, VUB-Brussels, RUG-Gent, New Castle University-UK, UPC-Catalonia, Spain, Lunds University-Sweden, SLU-Sweden, Horizon 2020- European Commission, ALT-Binational Commission Perú-Bolivia, Pilcomayo River Trinational Commission (Bolivia-Argentina-Paraguay)

 Organization Activities/ Business Field

The Hydraulics Laboratory works within four lines of research: 1) River Morphology and Hydrodynamics, 2) Groundwater Hydrology, 3) Surface Hydrology and Climate Change; and 4) Comprehensive Management of Water Resources.

Through the provision of services and, especially through the applied research carried out by the laboratory, a wide range of information has been generated: databases, library, scientific articles and research reports.

Among the most important services, the following stand out:

Physical modelling of various hydraulic problems such as: sediment transport, erosion phenomena in dikes, implementation of hydraulic works, etc., study, analysis, calculation and design of various types of hydraulic works (channels, defensive, rapid, siphons, cut-offs, barrages, dams, etc., studies for flow regulation through reservoirs, extreme event analysis, time series filtering, channel and river discharge measuring, bathymetry of lagoons, reservoirs and any type of reservoir, river regulation studies, study and mathematical modelling of sediment transport in basins and mitigation measures, mathematical modelling of reservoir siltation processes, mathematical simulation of groundwater flow, for an adequate management of the exploitation of aquifers and simulation of transport of pollutants, development of early flood warning systems, based on continuous modelling and meteorological forecasts, analysis of hydrological scenarios with climate change, trends and climate variability, design, expansion and updating of drinking water and sewerage systems.

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